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Why-does-my-ceiling-fan-light-go-off-by-itself, you might have a short or loose wire in you switch, or maybe even the wiring in your ceiling fan light might have worked loose in the process of running. sometimes after running for a long time the.... Kung fu maintenance shows ceiling fan lights blink off even with just one bulb only turn on for second when switched nice little hand held drill http://amzn...., visit the post for more. how to replace a ceiling fan light socket doityourself com why does my ceiling fan light turn off by itself diagram ceiling fan stopped or light not working how to repair installed ceiling fan now light switch not working properly ceiling fan stopped or light not working how to repair.

If you run into that when you replace your lights and all of a sudden every time you turn on your lights they click off after a second it may be a voltage protection deal to not over not to go over..., with most fans like this, there is a modular block in the lower wiring compartment of the fan itself. this mod block connects all the lights and fan motor to the house wiring. i am going to say that there is a bad connection in that block that is overheating, expanding and loosing contact..

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