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What-kind-of-heat-lamp-for-hermit-crabs, another option in infrared lighting for hermit crab tanks is the zoo med nightlight red bulb for reptiles. this light comes in a 60w strength and is sold in a special 2-bulb value pack.. Warm your hermit crab's home to just the right temperature with our zoo med hermit crab heater. this mini-sized under tank heater is designed to help maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels in small hermit crab enclosures.undertank heater design gently warms the terrarium glass and substrate, creating gentle warmth for the enclosure., i’m writing this article in july 2019 and it feels like the year has flown by. it’s hard to believe winter is only 3 months away. with that comes the cold and another chore for my hermit crabs: keeping them warm..

Hi everyone, i was just wondering if it is possible to maintain the required temperature for the crabitat, just using a heat lamp and if so how many watts should it be., i have a question about heat lamps for hermit crabs. if you use a heat lamp, can you still have a glass lid for the tank? i wire lid wouldn't keep the humidity in, if i'm not mistaken. also, what wattage would i need for a 20 gallon tank and what type of bulb/lamp would i need? also are there any under tank heaters that allow you to control the temperature?.

There has been a lot of false information when it comes to hermit crab care over the years. one of the biggest known factors of land hermit crab deaths is dehydration from the use of desk lamps with a common household bulb., i personally do not like the use of heat lamps for hermit crabs ... hermit crabs need an environment in which the temperature remains pretty constant (pushing 80 degrees) ... and with heat lamps they are usually only on part of the day so do not provide a constant temperature ... hermit crabs do not like to be under bright light ... and heat lamps evaporate humidity which also should be ....

Zoo med’s hermit crab heater is an excellent choice to provide supplemental heat to your hermit crabs. nightlight red heat bulbs are a great choice to provide night time heat and provide just enough light for viewing their interesting nocturnal activities.