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Uv-heat-lamp-for-turtles, turtles need uvb light. they need it to warm up, dry their shell, and to soak up uv rays. here is what you need to know about uvb lights for turtles. if you have an indoor pet turtle or tortoise, it will absolutely, 100% need uv-b and uv-a light.. Dimensions are 11x6x7.3, the right size for there included 13 watt uvb and 50 watt heat lamp. (mini) this is rated for up to max 100 watts, not more. when i buy one product i use there bulbs. i have found a difference from zoomed and tetra bulbs especially in the uvb's., ctkcom uva uvb light bulb reptile ceramic heat lamp pet heating bulb holder clamp lamp fixture heating light lamp for reptiles,aquarium reptile light adjustable habitat lighting stand,110v-130v(black) 3.9 out of 5 stars 89 $16.90 $ 16. 90.

110v 75w uva (97%)+uvb (3%) basking daylight bulb 4 pack the optimal choice for all day active reptiles bearded dragons, tortoises, geckos, snakes,turtles, iguanas, lizards, blue tongues,chameleons, etc. help prevent metabolic bone disease and stimulates reproduction, zoo med reptisun 5.0 uvb compact fluorescent light (26 watts): self-ballasted compact fluorescent uvb lamp for both reptiles and amphibians. helps to prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease commonly seen in captive reptiles at 6 to 12 months of age. provides uvb for vitamin d production and calcium metabolism..

Turtle tuff halogen lamps feature a special "splash proof" design that allows drops of water to hit it without causing it to burst. this long-lasting halogen lamp has an average burn life or 2500 hours. this lamp acts primarily as a heat source, generating uva but not uvb rays. new (5) from $12.79 + free shipping, with basking spotlights and lamp stands, uvb lamps, infrared heat lamps, under-tank heaters, rock heaters, bulbs, humidity gauges, thermometers, spray bottles, misting systems, and more, you'll find the environmental control devices your reptile needs to survive and thrive..

For aquatic turtles, most experts recommend using a 2.5 percent, 3 percent, or 5 percent uvb lamp. these lamps are often called "tropical uvb" lamps or "swamp uvb" lamps, and are the type you should use for aquatic turtles. i suggest that you not use "desert uvb" or 10 percent uvb lamps for aquatic turtles., the best heating (and uv-a and uv-b option) is to use a proven dependable brand name mercury vapor bulb producing intense visible light, heat, uv-a and uv-b. this may encourage at least some reptiles to bask more (i.e.: bearded dragons may prefer it to fluorescents)..

Understanding reptile lighting systems. a c highfield. above: metabolic bone disease is revealed by the spinal region depression visible on this geochelone sulcata (african spurred tortoise).mbd is typically caused by lack of exposure to uv-b as well as by dietary factors.