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Tortoise-heat-lamp-at-night, i bought the zoo med deluxe 8.5in porcelain black clamp lamp for reptiles in conjunction with the zoo med 60 watt infrared heating bulb. the heating bulb worked great but the clamp lamp was a bit finicky.. Then, during night we will use a ceramic emitter because it gives of heat with no light. these two lights combined will make a natural daytime/ nighttime effect indoors. for the easiest maintenance choose lights with timers so they will automatically turn on and off. be sure to place these heat sources at one end of the housing., ceramic heat emitters only emit heat, no light, and screw into a clamp light. these are great because they last a long time, are less fragile than the light bulbs, and can be used day or night since they don't give off any light. regular reptile heat bulbs can emit white, red, or blue/purple light in addition to heat..

If you decide to keep your tortoise indoors then proper uvb lighting should be left on approx. 10-12 hours a day and turned off at night. there are a lot of good brands of fluorescent lighting that you can get for this purpose., lights for night-time use (not recommended for the tortoises available on our site) this type of bulb simulates natural moonlight to allow nocturnal viewing without affecting your reptiles day and night cycle. the light emitted has a bluish hue due to the use of blue glass..

You don't need any extra heat at night so all lamps need to be off, tortoises need a drop in temperature over night as this will encourage him to dig down into the substrate, the back ground heat in your house will be enough even on cooler nights. #3 guest_sueboyle (was wizzasmum)_*, i actually have turtles and ive had them for about 4 yrs and i shut there lamp off at night and keep it on in the day. if you are worried about this they have night light heating lamps for....

Ceramic heat emitters can also act as heat sources for tortoise habitats. maintaining the right heating conditions during the nighttime hours may require a switch in equipment. ceramic emitters provide heat but no illumination., in nature, hermanns tortoises get very cold at night at either end of the season (been there and monitored temps), so unless your temps stay cold with no lamps the following day, they will be fine. the lamp stimulate them to wake and carry on as normal. burrowing into a good depth of coir allows good thermoregulation..

Make a wooden frame to screw the fitting to and place the frame over the tortoise. use a desk lamp with a crane arm on over the tortoise, use the crane arm to higher or lower it accordingly. suspend the lamp fitting from the ceiling with a chain, again this can easily be raised and lowered.