Diet For Weight Loss Lactating Women

Motherhood – incredible joy and happiness, life in the heart of a woman. But do not forget that, the ladies dream is always beautiful and desirable. And that means only one thing: the ability to combine the mummy and a beautiful woman, that is, the ability to keep on a diet.

Diet for weight loss lactating women

Now we can not talk about a diet that can give you less beneficial baby elements about breast milk or something harmful to your health. Diet for weight loss that are discussed, of course, you can throw overweight, but not so much weight “jump” to involve the other power systems.

On these extreme diets can then think if the baby is able to do without a mother and her milk. Do not think that such a diet is going somewhere, not only for them is not yet the time has come … Then will search the Internet, will move the old notes with a calorie-restricted diet, my friends will advise and know how to lose weight fast, but, again, after all, as they say, come. As long as we put another goal. It is a must to reach. It is the responsible thing, and success will surely accompany, but you must help!


Nursing women need to closely monitor food supply does not harm the baby. “Quality” of milk, the mother feeds the baby must regularly be varied. And for that you can apply here is a useful recipe. Take 4 tablespoons (tablespoons) grated carrots, pour the cream. Drink this “trifle” on a glass a few times a day, if a drink is not to your taste, and you feel that you can overcome a full glass, then to the brim can not fill.

And now you go straight to how to lose weight properly, but once again remember that mothers need to forget about all the complex diets! From them, these diets, you are on vacation! In no case can not starve! You do, and you know, if you are hungry, starving and your toddler or baby!

Nursing mothers should be very gentle. But note that the gentle and ineffective – is not the same. We recommend you to take a diet wishes such as wearing a recommendation, let that be a little easier.

Do not drink coffee, even without it you will feel absolutely shaken. If you can not imagine a life without caffeine, saturated with them after breastfeeding is over. By the way, the caffeine contained in the chocolate (either without exception grade) and in a strong black tea, not just coffee.

Avoid foods that can cause allergies. They are such products a lot, but the most important are cheese, lemons, fish (all), oranges, nectarines, eggs, cherry, meat, strawberries. Do not drink alcohol, even light wines. While breastfeeding alcohol – poison!

Sugar and salt is also worth saying, a categorical «no». And by the way, not because they have the same color, because these products in the body breastfeeding women during breast-feeding because of its characteristics very desirable. If you can not do that without these “white” products, you can treat yourself to six grams of sugar or salt within 24 hours – nothing more! And it is desirable not to use the salt, to which all are so accustomed to the ordinary, rock and iodized, it is not harmful. A sugar may even be easier to do: pick up and replace the sweetness of dried fructose. By the way, try tea without sugar: it takes a whole new, tart taste, sugar scores.

Forget for a moment, dear mom, acute foods, garlic and other spices. Your baby can refuse the milk just because you love all ostrenkoe. Garlic and other spices give milk quite a peculiar flavor that is unlikely to please your child.

No need to eat large portions. Never has gluttony is not set on the good. Breastfeeding – even more. Everything you need to eat in moderation. But that, you know that. And if you forget – always remember this and never forget.

“Holy” drink young mother should be water. Yes, the ordinary water, which should be drunk in large quantities, by the way, can imagine that the water tastes quite paradise!

If the tips for you – a blank phrase, and the words “diet food” or “diet” – have a magical sound, the following are a few variants of the power system, which is guaranteed to give good results. It is ensured by your weight and health of the child.

Menu for young mothers

You can choose how to have your dinner.


    1. The liver, which is grilled at the rate of 100 in the course of making liver, should be used orange juice and meat.
    2. Cauliflower and cheese are grated, plus one is not very big banana.
    3. Eden 25 grams of cheese, a few crispbreads, sliced ​​tomatoes.
    4. Remove the skin from chicken thighs (about 200 g) and eat with potatoes cooked in the shell (preferably in the oven) – 125 g You can still eat an orange and carrot stew, weighing no more than 50 g
    5. Not more than 6 grapes (they have a lot of sugar) and a big delicious cake.

What will be your dinner, you too will be able to decide for yourself.

    1. You can eat a small banana in the amount of 120 to 125 grams, but only one, add to this toast (a few pieces) as well as boiled beans and other legumes.
    2. You can choose, as a lunch of raw vegetables, you can add them to the sauce. You too can afford to roll, but only a little and Eden cheese, about ’12
    3. At lunch, you can eat a small slice of ham, a few slices of bread, smeared with mustard and yogurt. It is desirable that it is a low-calorie, and it should not be more than 1 cup.
    4. At lunch, you can still eat a few each fruit and toast, but one.
    5. And as the dinner will be useful pear, peach and a small part of the vegetable salad.

And breakfast too you can afford to decide for yourself.

    1. This may be cereal with milk (25 grams), small banana.
    2. You can cook an egg in toast made of bread, flour, like bran.
    3. You can eat 25 grams of cheese.
    4. As a breakfast fit and canned tomatoes, 100 g, not more, as well as cheese (each), but not more than 12 grams of toast.

For breakfast you can drink any kind of juice completely.