Balanced Nutrition: Eating Not Just On The Pleasure Principle

Often we eat at our whim or out of habit, because at this time we just have lunch. Less from actual hunger, which is a feeling he does not know about most Germans.

Do Not Just Eat According To The Pleasure Principle

Often we eat at our whim or out of habit, because at this time we just have lunch. Less from actual hunger, which is a feeling he does not know about most Germans. And the crowd: Most of us eat as we were taught; For example, 200 g of meat per adult per lunch – and every day!

Four Reasons Why We Should Eat Less Meat

    1. Meat is hard to digest but quickly perishable. Look for the next piece of meat on the piece that you swallow. Is it crushed to pulp or is it more like a lump? Surely you will find that meat can not dissolve one hundred percent. Even our stomach and intestine are not able to do this because they have neither the right teeth nor any other device for it. So it happens that meat is not completely digested and excreted, but often remains in the pockets and folds of the intestine until it disintegrates. Colon cancer can be a result of it.
    2. For regular meat eaters, blood and tissues often have higher ammonia levels. The excess animal protein turns into nitrogen, which forms ammonia. Ammonia is one of the strongest toxic substances in the body. It deforms the cells and the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid, main component of chromosomes and carriers of genetic information) and can cause cancer. Also, ammonia has a foul smell, which we excrete through the skin and the throat, which we perceive as body and halitosis.
    3. Animal foods contain arachidonic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid that forms pro-inflammatory eicosanoids in the human body. This favors rheumatic diseases. Arachidonic acid is found in meat, sausages, eggs and dairy products. However, two small portions of meat a week are irrelevant to the arachidonic acid level. Fish also contains arachidonic acid, but this is counteracted by the EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) also contained in sea fish protein. So that more often (2-3 times a week) fish should be eaten from the sea, especially if there are already rheumatic complaints. This can be smoked fish, fried, steamed or z. B. the herring from the tin. Read here also our article “Hering does rheumatism well”.
    4. Fats (lipids) as in the meat increase the cholesterol level (LDL cholesterol) in the blood. He produces two grams of cholesterol, which our body needs every day. Cholesterol is a basic substance of the body and is produced in the liver. This vital fat-like substance is needed to build stable cell membranes, make bile acids, without which the digestion of certain foods does not work, produce vitamin D, which is needed to build up the bones, and sex hormones, eg. Testosterone and estrogens, as well as hormones of the adrenal cortex, such as cortisone to form. With the consumption of sausage, meat, fish and poultry we take about 70 mg of additional cholesterol per 100 g (for milk, cheese, egg, fat and oil the average is even 84 mg cholesterol per 100 g). If the body is unable to break down or excrete these fats, they will accumulate in the blood vessels just like lime. If this process is not stopped (eg with cholesterol-free diet), over time a vasoconstriction forms, the cause of stroke and heart attack.


Well Chewed, Is Half Digested

Thorough chewing plays an important role in good digestion. B. of meat. Each bite should be chewed 35 to 50 times. The more we chew, the more saliva forms, which is an important basis for digestion. Saliva contains the necessary enzymes that start the digestive process. Saliva is highly alkaline and is the antagonist to stomach acid. The alkaline porridge restores the balance in the acidic environment of the stomach and protects it from excess acid, which can attack the stomach lining and cause stomach discomfort or gastric ulcers.

It is also important not to drink at meals. The liquid would wash away the saliva without it being able to develop its beneficial effect. It depends on the composition of the food The balanced diet is a conscious, healthy, wholesome and varied compilation of food and drink. These should be largely chemically untreated and carefully prepared. This ensures that the body receives all vital nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, trace elements and minerals in sufficient quantities. It depends on the right amount: Little meat, but more fish, fruits, vegetables and whole grains (like rice, bread, rolls, noodles)

Balanced Nutrition From The Cup And Meal Replacement

Liquid food from the cup is currently very much in vogue and fits perfectly into our time. But what about drinking food that pretends to replace a meal? Is this again hyped food replacement really something new or just another variant of protein and weight loss shakes? As a body-conscious and athletic person, I simply followed up on this question. Definitely different: The new generation of food powder shakes does not serve a specific niche, but is a true all-rounder. Liquid food goes well beyond muscle building or weight loss – behind meal replacement products is a complete nutritional concept that provides all the essential nutrients. One thing is clear to me: liquid food optimizes nutrition and keeps you physically and mentally fit.

Convinced by personal experience

At first I asked myself: What – this purging powder from the bag should replace my meals? That is not how it works! That was before I tried it myself. In the meantime, I have been a convinced fan of food powder shakes for quite some time. Now I understand the hype about the food from the cup. As the? Quite simply: The liquid food fits my lifestyle and provides me with everything my body needs in concentrated form – with every meal. Otherwise, this could only ensure a carefully arranged menu.

That’s exactly my problem – and I’m certainly not an isolated case. Everyone knows the stress that is placed on them between work and free time – especially when, as I do, regular sports play an important role. Often there is no time to prepare a balanced and healthy meal for me. Too often, I used to go for fast food or snacks for lack of time – which is anything but nutritionally healthy. Today, the stirred cup of liquid food is the ideal replacement for a meal or snack in between.

Food replacement – a child of Silicon Valley

Like many other trends, the food replacement from the cup has swum over to us across the pond. Since the launch of Soylent’s first liquid formula in the US in 2013, a lot has changed in terms of meal replacement. No wonder – because the US startup kicked off a veritable hype. It’s no coincidence that the food powder shakes hit Silicon Valley like a (successful) bomb. The innovative meal replacement was the ideal problem solution for stressed-out digital workers, where time is a scarce commodity. Instead of fast-paced fast food, the drinking food now comes out of the cup on the table. This saves time and is still healthy. Because the liquid food from the bag contains all the important macro and micronutrients that make the organism powerful.

In Europe, too, there is an increasing demand for shakes that can completely replace a meal. In the meantime, this has called many competitors onto the scene in the food segment. Almost hard to keep track of the variety of providers. A wide range of nutritional powders and ready-made drinks are waiting for nutrition-conscious people who are looking for a healthy alternative to fast food & co, who want to lose weight more easily or simply want to optimize their diet.


Guide to food powder shakes

On this page I want to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of liquid food, provide general information and take a closer look at all aspects of astronaut food. In this context, I will also take a closer look at individual products. I’ve tasted them almost all – and there are always new to discover. Of course, the meal replacement is also available in the vegan version, gluten-free and as a bioproduct without genetic engineering.

Who can benefit from meal replacement?

The food shakes perfectly fit the motto: “Simplify your life” – in many ways. Especially health-conscious people, who have little time, save themselves the elaborate compilation of individual ingredients to ensure a balanced diet. Stop by studying lists that provide information on vitamins, minerals and trace elements in each food. With the drinking food you can be sure to always take all the important nutrients.

Performance booster for everyday life and sports

Gold is worth the meal replacement in the professional life. For me as a digital worker in the IT industry, a quick snack in between that replenishes energy reserves and raises the power curve is simply ideal. It is hard to believe what power is in the food powder. For me, the meal replacement from the bag feels a bit like brain food. Somehow, a little later, I feel fitter, more alert and more efficient. Not only physically, but also in the head. Almost as if I had ignited a turbo.

Of course, as a passionate athlete I appreciate the food powder shakes as a performance booster – which, by the way, are not heavy in the stomach. Above all, I can easily prepare the snack from the mug anywhere on the go. A spoon is enough for stirring and water – ready.

Losing weight – but healthy

But liquid food can also be an ideal companion for a diet. It puts an end to annoying calorie counting. One look at the pack is enough and I know how many calories I feed my body with a meal from the cup.

Gain for health?

I have been interested in healthy nutrition for a long time – after all, as a health-conscious person, I would like to know what my body needs and how I can feed it to him. I’m probably not the only one who has been scouring the Internet for the optimal healthy diet and always feels a bit “lost in space” between Paleo and Lowcarb.

Whatever – for me, unhealthy snacks, sweets and fast food were yesterday. Because they whip all the blood sugar levels in the air, only to let it fall steeply after a short time again. That’s exactly what makes you hungry right away. A vicious circle that often ends in overweight. I used to have a couple of kilos too much due to this behavior. Until I understand how it’s related. That was the initial spark to get more involved with nutrition.

During this time, I learned a lot about the interaction and task of the individual nutrients that our body needs to be efficient and healthy. That’s why I realize why food shakes produce a much longer-lasting satiety. Because they contain little or no sugar and only high-quality long-chain carbohydrates, which the body metabolizes more slowly and converts into glucose. Accordingly, the blood sugar level in the blood rises slowly and the longer it keeps the level reached. Only when the blood sugar level drops again, the hunger is reported – and this takes much longer with meal replacement.

What is in the meal replacement?

Of course, ingredients and provenance of nutrients vary considerably depending on the product and target group. Also, the calorie count varies – depending on whether the meal replacement is to lose weight or as an alternative for lunch or dinner. What they all have in common is that they contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and trace elements in a balanced ratio. Also, the important for the organism fat and fiber are available.

Some food shakes are made from all-natural ingredients. There are fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts and seeds, proteins from legumes, grains and algae and much more. Many a list of ingredients reads like half a cupboard of healthy things. There is also a whole range of vitamins and minerals. It sounds like a lot of health in the ears of knowledgeable people. A one-sided diet is at least excluded, because everything is in it, what the body needs.

Meal replacement – not always without additives

Unfortunately, not every drink is free of additives – which reduces the pleasure of eating something. It is the same with the vitamins and minerals. They are sometimes made synthetically. However, replicated vitamins and minerals from the retort are not natural. The body can not use it as well as it does natural ones, which reduces its bioavailability. Often this is also a cost issue. Anyone who chooses an organic product with 100% natural ingredients, has to put much more on the table. That’s only natural.

That’s what nutritionists say

Nutritionists, who usually tend to object quickly to products that replace a meal, are well-behaved with most food powder shakes. This may be because some products have been developed in collaboration with nutritionists. However, the often reported concerns can not be completely dismissed. The criticism is less about additives or synthetically produced ingredients. Nutritionists are much more concerned about the fact that the teeth are left out of the diet – after all, evolution did not design us as a pumice. Therefore, masticatory muscles and teeth should get work. But only very few will delete all other foods from their diet. So for me the bite in the apple with meal replacement is still part of everyday life.

And while we are already on fruit: Nutritionists also recommend the regular consumption of fruits and vegetables – because the phytochemicals contained therein have a positive effect on all metabolic processes. And that extra fiber is good for the digestive tract, goes without saying.

Is liquid food the new food?

The diet could not be simpler than with food powder shakes. Not even a mixer is needed – just stir in water and ready. But what does the indulgence man in me say? Sure – you can not necessarily say that liquid food from Gourmets’ cup leaves a delightful Mmmhhh …. Even the term meal replacement sounds little sensual and so not after enjoyment. Perhaps a new word like “Easylunch” would be better at the heart of the matter. For as boring as the name sounds, the food powder shakes really do not taste.

There is probably something for every taste – whether for sweet bites, fruit and vegetable fans or spicy food trailer. Yes – even with meal replacement is the choice of suitable food powder Shakes a matter of taste. But not only the taste, but also the consistency plays a role for many. Just try out what suits you best. Some manufacturers offer a tasting package – so you can drink through several food shakes, until one meets the right one.

Some argue that food also has a social component. Nobody likes that. Especially today, when people sit in pubs together at the table and communicate more with their smartphone than with their counterparts, eating together with friends is important to me. That will stay that way for me personally. It does not have to be about banishing normal meals from his life. How to use healthy drinking food for yourself is ultimately up to you.

And now enjoy browsing – there are many new and interesting things to discover on this site!