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Switching-ceiling-fan-to-light-fixture, by emrah oruc updated december 09, 2018 an outdated ceiling fan can be replaced with a modern light fixture to give a room a fresh look. because most ceiling fans are heavier than the average light.... The larger the room, the bigger the fan. measure the longest wall in the room. if it is less than 12 feet, you'll need a fan that is 36-inches in diameter. if the longest wall is 12 to 15 feet, get a 42-inch fan. anything over 15 feet, you'll need a 52-inch fan. replacing a room’s chandelier or ..., q: i want to replace a ceiling fan/light with a regular light fixture. the cable from the switch box to the ceiling box has three wires—two identical blacks and a white—with one of the blacks connected to a mysterious blue wire from the fan..

I'm replacing a ceiling fan with a regular light fixture. the fan was connected with black to black, white to white, and a red wire to a blue wire in the ceiling fan. when i connect the new fixtu..., guide to replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan and light electrical question: i am replacing the light fixture with a ceiling fan that also has a light fixture with it. there was already a light in the ceiling which worked fine..

Wiring a ceiling fan and light can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. pro tool reviews gives you a visual guide and step by step instructions on making the best connections for your particular ceiling fan installation.on a scale of 1-10, the level of difficulty on this project is a 5, though it can be more complex if you include the ancillary projects such as running ..., how to install a light fixture that is wired for a ceiling fan. if you want to remove your old ceiling fan and install a standard light fixture, you will need to understand how to connect the ...