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Swine-heat-lamps, our selection of heat bulbs and lamps includes products from scorpion iii, phillips, retroliter and sylvania. we have a number of heat bulbs to choose from including halogen, threaded glass and infrared bulbs.. When heat lamps are used, heat travels to the sow, and a warm zone to discourage piglets from getting too close to the sow is not provided. this exponentially increases the chances of laid-ons or crush losses., brooders & heat lamps keep piglets warm and safe with our wide selection of hog brooders. we have a variety of styles to suit your brooder needs including standard duty, heavy-duty and four-light infrared brooders..

Bedding & mats - swine heat lamps & lighting hog rings & catchers nippers poles, prods & paddles animal handling antibiotics - swine arthritis treatment - swine oral medications - swine, © 2020 animal health international. all rights reserved.. Provide your pigs with comfortable warmth with the adjusta brooder heat lamp. features an adjustable-height bulb inside of a heavy-duty polypropylene housing.