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Sugar-glider-heat-lamp, with that in mind, the jung-l-gym premium ceramic heat lamp is the ideal addition to any sugar glider “home”; providing a continuous source of safe, economical heat that: 1) consistently keeps their entire cage at the optimal temperature, and 2) automatically prevents your little darlings from accidentally catching a chill when they are out playing.. Sugar glider supplies, 100 watt, optional clamp lamp and thermostat: if you are cold, your sugar glider is cold too; ideal temp is 75 - 85 degrees, heat lamps are simply a no no with sugar gliders and pretty much any furry mammal, especially nocturnals. and they should never be used to directly heat a container, nestbox or pouch, only an open area of the cage. use of a heat rock is highly frowned upon by the community..

Does anyone use one? i know they like it warm, but i don't see much info out there about using a ir heat lamp. my vet has never mentioned it either., avoid putting a space heater too close to your sugar glider cage now, along these same lines, it’s important to not substitute a space heater for a heat lamp. many space heaters emit a different type of heat that – when placed next to an animals cage – can quickly dehydrate it..

Includes clamp lamp + bulb. this cage heater is the ideal combination for heating your pets cage. includes a ceramic infrared heat emitter (60 watt) combined with a fluker's deluxe clamp lamp for use in high humidity terrariums or large size wire cages., i have a heat emitter attached to the cage. i noticed if i leave a room light on my gliders are less active. they prefer it to be darker. i do however leave a small led night light on in the room for them..

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