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Steel-siding-installation-guide, steel siding has sharp edges. make sure product is stored flat with support under the length of box. tilt the box 90 degrees on its side during transport. for installation, open the entire box and lift pieces rather than slide them to prevent scratching.. Your authorized dealer is: steel roofing & siding installation guide washington auburn (800) 700-7228 california redlands (800) 806-8729 www.nuraymetals.com, when installing steel siding the panels are to be hung so that there is room for expansion and contraction of the panels. not driving the fasteners tight also allows for the panels to “float” or smooth out any irregularities in the wall surface..

Bridger steel metal panel & trim installation guides for up-to-date changes, always check the technical bulletins or contact a specialist. a metal panel can protect a structure for an incredibly long time, but only if properly installed. always review the installation guide for your product before beginning installation.