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Slider-turtles-need-heat-lamp, basking lamps. your red-eared slider turtle requires a place to bask out of the water, consisting of wood or rock. that basking site must be kept at a constant temperature ranging between 85 and 92 degrees fahrenheit. just make sure the turtle can't touch the bulb or that the lamp can't fall into the tank.. Slider turtles need heat lamp.red eared slider care: november 2009. 56 best turtle tank ideas images on pinterest fish tanks turtle tanks and aquariums. my turtle tank! 10 gallon tank with tetra whisper filter underwater heater uva uvb light and . just look, sliders need their ambient temperature to be at least 75 degrees fahrenheit to keep their various systems, especially their immune system, operating at peak performance. even if you keep your turtle in an area in which room temperature hovers around 75 degrees, you should keep a heat lamp handy at all times for emergencies..

I had a sick baby red ear slider he was nerly dead, what you need to do it make sure you have a heater at least 75 temp, a cold turtle does not eat that was making my turtle sick you also need ..., do snaper turtles need heat lights - answered by a verified pet specialist.

Red ear sliders are the most common water turtles in the us so u can find them almost anywhere but one place to find them is turtlesale.com be sure to buy them a nice size aquarium and a basking ..., it depends what type of turtle. my yellow bellied turtle (yellow bellied slider) in scotland cost me £18, but that wasn't the tank, filter, water heater or heat lamp, (you may also need a uv lamp .... Yes. they are cold blooded, and need heat to stay warm, like a snake or a frog... something like that. hope it helps! ☺, i just adopted a captive-bred box turtle. his pervious owner (my cousin) is moving and can't take him. he was about to be released into the wild! i took him in and i love him to death already. i got a ton of books about box turtles and i know all about what he needs for his environment and to eat, but none of the books say anything about heat lamps.