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Removing-ceiling-fan-light-fixture, remove the light kit housing from the bottom of the ceiling fan. this part will be attached by three or more screws, remove it to access the wiring for the light kit. step 3 disconnect the white wires from the light kit.. Step 1 – turn of the power that supplies your ceiling fan. step 2 – loosen the screws on the globes and remove the globes and light bulbs and set them aside. step 3 – if the fan has a lighting kit, remove it by first unscrewing the screws of the top section of the lighting kit. this will allow you to slip both parts of the kit off together., remove old fixture box. conventional light fixture boxes aren’t strong enough to support a fan, so you’ll need to replace it with one that’s fan rated. if your current fixture box is screwed to a ceiling joist, simply remove the screws. if it’s nailed to a joist accessible from an attic, use a hammer or pry bar to remove the box and nails..

Remove the light kit, if your ceiling fan has one. while some models will allow you to take the fan body off the ceiling without removing the light kit, most flush mounted ceiling fans require that it is removed, so that you can get to the screws that attach the whole fan to the ceiling., pull upwards to remove the fan piece that holds the light fixture. your model may require you to twist this piece in a counter-clockwise motion to remove..

You will need to remove the screw put a new wire under it to create a little tail, then using a wire nut fasten the new wire, the light wire and the older wire that was once under the screw together. a red wire nut will be required to hold them together., photo credit: completehomespa.comthere are a number of challenges people face when looking for how to remove ceiling fan light cover, especially when they decide to do it by themselves. this article will mention the materials you need to perform this task, how to handle the metal fastener on the cover, how to ensure that all screws are protected, and re-installing the ceiling fan light cover ....

Watch video of this step. replacing a room’s chandelier or ceiling fixture with a ceiling fan that includes its own light fixture is an easy diy project for anyone comfortable with basic electrical improvements., shut off the power to the fan's circuit at the service panel or breaker box. remove any globe or shade covering the socket on the fan. step 2 inspect inside and around the socket for mounting screws securing the socket to the fixture..

If your ceiling fan is outfitted with a globe, you will need to remove it and then unscrew the light bulb. if your ceiling fan is outfitted with an open fixture, remove the bulb first and then the fixture if the base of the fixture is smaller than the largest part of the light bulb. step 4 - remove the socket