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Red-heat-bulb-for-leopard-gecko, uhmmm.. i might work, but considering that leopard geckos take in heat from a their bellies, they might have trouble digesting. a heat light might work but i would go for a heat mat. sometimes when you get the heat mat, you don't even need a light. unless you want to see him at night. and also you should put the thermometer on the substrate so you can measure the temperature where your gecko .... Leopard gecko is a nocturnal animal that is mostly active in the dark and dormant at daytime; however, the habitat they live in still needs to be properly illuminated for some reasons., hey i was thinking about getting a leopard gecko, however, i need to know some answers for the heat source. right now i currently have an infrared red heat lamp (75w) which will make the temperature about 85f-90f on the hotside, however, for my own pleasure i don't really like the red light as it kind of hurts my eyes and overall i just don't really like looking at it..

Some reptiles (bearded dragons for one) do see the red spectrum but leopard geckos do not. using an infrared reptile light as a heat source for your leo and to observe him at night is fine., reptile systems infra red heat lamps are proudly manufactured in europe with quality and performance in mind. rated for 3,500 hours life (approx 15 months based on 8 hour days)..

If you liked this article, then like this article here! a question often asked here in the stores is "how do i decide what kind of light to use?", the zilla halogen mini dome provides a convenient alternative to large domes. smaller in size, it takes up less space on a terrarium top but still packs a powerful heat and light punch..

Amazon.com: ceramic heat emitter - reptile heat lamp 100 watt lizard heat lamp bulb no light emitting snake lizard gecko turtle snake lizard gecko turtle brooder chick coop heater 2 pack,black: home improvement, i am purchasing a leopard gecko but cannot find anything helpful on the internet about lighting. i know they don't have lights on at night but there is nothing to say about the brightness of the light or the watt... if any body has any links to websites or pictures they would like to send that would be helpful as well. thanks..

Im gunna use a heat mat..i know the temps....hot side: 90 to 88...cold side: 78 to 81. but does the air in the tank have to be warm also? if so, can i use a heat pad and a red heat bulb. can i just leave both mat and bulb on all the time...or do i have to turn it off at a certain point?