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Rain-lamp-light-bulb, 61" soft light floor lamp,leonc rgb color changing led tyvek fabric shade modern floor lamp with fabric shade & 2 smart led bulbs for livingroom bedroom warm atmosphere tyvek dupont 10 x 10 x 61 inch…. Rain lamps bring a touch of nature inside. whether you shop on ebay for a swag style oil drip lamp or one that stands alone, you'll want to find the perfect aesthetic for your taste., basic rain lamp although the variety of rain lamps was very vast, the most common ones usually had a metal top and base, between which a net of fishing line filament was threaded firmly. the holders usually had 3 metal rods to hold the lamp’s structure, and the lamps came in beautiful shades of gold or silver..

The color change light bulb is a 3 led lamp with a remote control. i bought the lamp from junkee's in reno, nevada and the lamp from hde on amazon.com. i would have bought it from dealextreme, but..., oct 31, 2016 - explore ericmult's board "oil rain lamps", followed by 244 people on pinterest. see more ideas about rain lamp, lamp, oil lamps.. Apr 3, 2017 - vintage oil rain lamps. see more ideas about rain lamp, oil lamps, vintage., rain lamps are decorative electric lighting fixtures that are as ornamental as they are practical. usually cylindrical in shape, rain lamps are comprised of a metal top and base, the latter of which holds a hidden motor. a web of fishing line wraps around the center where a sculpture of the goddess venus surrounded by flowers is sometimes found..

Hi i had a rain lamp exactly like you described yours. my favorite novelty light. was pretty & cool. but i tried to take it apart to fix, i think it was the pump that went bad., vintage rain lamps have one working part, the pump, making this a simple lamp to repair or maintain. oil is pumped into the top canopy and drips down the strands of fishing line. the shining light on the oil creates the effect of rain. old fishing line can become brittle and break and must be replaced..

100 watt, 120 volt flood br38 incandescent bug light bulb (amber, 2 pack)