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Pll-led-lamp, 10w led 2g11 4-pin base pl lamp lustaled 120v daylight 6000k 18w compact fluorescent lamp equivalent bulb lamp for pendant lamps ceiling lights desk lamps (remove or bypass ballast, 2-pack) 4.2 out of 5 stars 17 $16.99 $ 16. 99. Philips corepro led pll is the ideal uplamping solution for downlights & luminaires in a wide range of general lighting applications. it integrates a led light source into a traditional fluorescent form factor to offer superb energy savings over a lifetime that’s twice as long as fluorescent alternatives., led pl-l retrofit lamps when it comes to recessed cans, wall sconces, or ceiling fixtures upgrade from cfl alternatives to led, pl-l retrofit biax lamps cut energy usage in half. with a universal burn positon, the lamp is able to operate effectively when installed in various applications and angles..

Aleddra’s pll led lamp is designed for replacing 2-ft 40w pll lamp (2g11 base) that is used pre-dominantly with 2×2 troffer fixtures. this retrofit lamp avoids the costly fixture upgrade, saves 57.5% on lighting energy consumption from the start, and removes ballast maintenance costs once and for all for the end user., led pll lamp, 2g11 base, 16-inch, frosted only 18 watts replace up to 36w pll fluorescent, inline 4-pin 100 to 277vac, wide illumination, 4000k natural white.

Description for a smart choice in areas with hard-to-reach fixtures like warehouses or offices, install this led pl-l lamp as a longer lasting solution over cfls. producing a cool white light which is ideal for tasks, this direct wire plt lamp prevents ballast maintenance and compatibility issues., superior life brand 23 watt 3500k pl-l is a line driven, ballast bypass glass led bulb. simply cut out the existing ballast and plug the bulb in. it has a built-in universal driver that allows the bulb to operate between 120-277v. the ballast must be bypassed when present..

Led pll lamps available as retrofit for direct retrofit with no re-wiring, or mains for direct wiring to ac mains only. ideal for multiple commercial applications. retrofit version compatible with a range of common electronic ballasts. mains version must be wired to ac mains, not compatible with any ballast., applications these energy efficient lamps are the perfect solution for replacing fluorescent pl lamps. designed for use in commercial downlights, they are ideal for a variety of retail, office and hospitality applications.. Led pll lamps, 2g11 base, frosted sizes 9, 13, 16 & 22 inch – 9 to 22 watts – 100 to 277vac – 270° wide beam – 4000k natural white over 35 years of ledtronics design, engineering & manufacturing experience © 2018 ledtronics, inc.