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Philips-hue-bathroom-ceiling-lights, bathroom light bulbs from philips are designed for humid environments and are completely safe to use. when it comes to lighting there are three options, ul-dry, ul-damp and ul-wet. we advise to choose either ul-wet or ul-damp. the closer you need to place a bulb to the source of water, the closer to ul-wet should be.. Brighten your daily activities with the adore ceiling light, whose simple, round design matches any decor. switch between preset light scenes or dim the lights with the included dimmer switch. connect to the hue bridge for smart control., philips hue has expanded its product portfolio with more lights and a smart bathroom mirror named the adore mirror, a practical light and wall mirror ideal for the bathroom environment. hue bulbs can be used in a bathroom as long as they are used within a bathroom light fitting that will protect them..

Include a philips hue white ambience adore ceiling light in your bathroom and experience light recipes that help you to energise, concentrate, read and relax. use the dimmer switch and easily create the right ambience for all your moments., regardless of your bathroom’s particular design, three layers of light should significantly highlight the beauty of the space. ambient lighting: the base layer of light that illuminates a space.; accent lighting: light that literally highlights specific elements of the space — for instance, detailed tile work or an all-glass sink; task lighting: spotlighting for specific activities such as ....

The hue dimmer switch is the easiest way to control the lights in your home. connect up to 10 white or white ambiance lights directly or completely customize the behavior of the dimmer switch once you hook it up to a hue bridge., bathroom lighting from philips is designed for humid environments and are completely safe to use. in the bathroom there are three humidity zones and all our products are therefore ip23-, ip44-, or ip65 certified..

Add a lightstrip to your philips hue-system and bring colored light to every corner of your house.