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Dc adyou splash proof halogen lamp for all reptile terrarium set-ups where high humidity or accident water splashing.best turtle heat lamp for all types of aquatic turtles or other reptiles which live in high humidity environment, such as brazilian turtle,chameleon,iguana., this item zoo med turtle tuff splashproof halogen lamp, 50 watts. fluker's 27002 repta-clamp lamp with switch for reptiles, 5.5-inch #1 best seller exo terra repti-glo 5.0 compact fluorescent tropical terrarium lamp. zoo med aquatic turtle uvb heat lighting kit. zoo med reptisun 10.0 mini compact fluorescent lamp ....

The best sources of heat in the winter months for your reptiles. kane heat mats, red bulbs, ceramic heaters, heat panels, etc., reptile lighting and fixtures for all your indoor lighting needs!. The storage chests do make good outdoor enclosures, you can affix a heat lamp to them. but you will need a lamp of some sort, as tortoises get motivated by light, and moving with heat. insulating the chest would make it even better. for general background heat, tubular heating works well., thanks wellington, i was thinking that i'd likely have to build something around it to protect it, but i was hoping that someone here has had some luck with a heat lamp in a very wet area so that in the event that it did get a little wet it wouldn't short it out..

Designed to realistically simulate the sun's rays, these reptile heat lamps emulate the day and night cycle that reptiles rely on to inform their actions and behaviour in the wild.