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Outdoor-heat-lamp-for-tortoise, the storage chests do make good outdoor enclosures, you can affix a heat lamp to them. but you will need a lamp of some sort, as tortoises get motivated by light, and moving with heat. insulating the chest would make it even better. for general background heat, tubular heating works well.. Make sure you get outdoor, weather proofed cabling and sockets (available at diy stores - saw a big pack of it at wickes the other day for not too much) and then just do what paul b suggests and have the lamp in a dog kennel or in a cold frame etc., kamp kenan shows how to compare air temperature vs shell & ground temperature for tortoises subscribe: https://goo.gl/beccmm | join the kk army: https://goo.gl/uc2v6q watch next, "cancer surviving ....

The heater in the hut in the outdoor enclosure is a greenhouse tubular heater, not a heat lamp. these just omit a gentle background heat. i have it set on a thermostat so it doesn't exceed 20oc. it has a guard around it so that my tortoise cannot touch the actual heater, so it is quite safe., tortoises are cold blooded reptiles so they must have access to heat. for the breeds we have available, the optimum basking spot should be 30/35°c and the cool area should be 20/25°c. this temperature gradient allows the tortoise to regulate its own body temperature. ideally the basking lamp should be on for around 8-10 hours a day..

For prices please go to the housing information page to access the separate tortoise housing pages (all-season houses, outdoor runs, indoor tortoise tables, natural ground houses and giant all-season houses) by either clicking on the link or use the menu above.. the picture above shows a medium all-season house with a sunroom. the boxes inside contain electrical items that were requested as ..., latest update..... proposed area before: slabs now pulled up, perimeter all built with the wire mesh base under the soil so he can't escape. i've just got to go and buy some more topsoil/playsand to bring the level up and buy some gravel, then i can do the fun bit of landscaping it all, putting the greenhouse in and setting up his tort house.