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My-tile-floor-coming-up, loose tiles are a bad gift that keeps on giving for unsuspecting homeowners. tiles lifting from the floor indicate a seriously compromised tile installation, and they can also be a red flag drawing attention to what's taking place beneath the surface.. A common reason for tiles popping off the floor and coming loose is that no expansion joints were included in the installation. all perimeters up against walls need to include at least a 1/8-inch..., when your floor tiles lift from their originally installed position and start pushing other tiles against one another, it creates a ‘tent-like’ bump in your floor. this tile defect is known as buckled tiles. this defect is also known as pop up tiles or tile tenting..

In what ive experienced – is that a lot of tilers don’t bond the plywood. i go to fix a loose floor tile & all the adhesive is stuck to the back of the tile – the plywood is clean as a whistle., how-to fix your loose & hollow tile floors- no removal necessary! just drill & fill! fast, easy & affordable! www.fixafloorworldwide.com to fix your floor to.... A couple of possible reasons. the backer board was improperly installed, the backer board was to thin and doesn t meet minimum tile codes to support tile and you are getting deflection, cause the..., john p. bridge (11-23-2011) expansion and movement joints in tile floors. i can’t recall how many times people have told me they heard a loud “crack” in the night, and when they investigated they found that a large area of their tiled floor had lifted an inch or two off the substrate beneath it..

Photo/tim carterthis floor grout was repaired once but failed. the joint needs to be clean and dust free before the next repair is done. q. the grout in one joint of my floor tile has come out. do ..., hi shaun, something bigger is definitely wrong. if your shower tile grout is cracking it’s normally due to expansion of the underlying substrate, which normally means it swelled when it got wet, which means it was incorrectly waterproofed..

Why is water suddenly seeping through my tile grout joints? - i have a question about water seeping up through grout of a tiled floor. this is in south florida. the tiles are 18" x 18" ceramic. they were installed approximately 10 years ago. never really had any problems. recently, the city decided to run a 36" gas line maybe 20' from the back of the house. i am now observing water coming up ...