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My-ceiling-fan-light-is-dim, we have a hampton bay "brookedale" model ceiling fan. it is about a year old and was working fine until a few days ago. we came home and it was on (we left the house and it was turned off), with the fan running and the light on, but not it's usual brightness, very dim. i've checked the wiring to the fan from the outlet box and it appears ok and the connection from the fan to the light fixture .... Enabling your fan control dimming functionality in this article: toggling between dimming modes on a 5-series fan | toggling between dimming modes on a 2-series fan your hunter fan’s dimming cap..., lighting, light fixtures, ceiling and exhaust fans - ceiling fan lights went dim after 2 months - the lights were fine for 2 months but all of a sudden only are a faint glow. i tried new bulbs with no.

The light on my ceiling fan went quite dim....got a new light bulb and it's also dim. this hasn't ever happened before- - answered by a verified electrician, yes and no first of all. you have to two different circuits for the fan and the light if you want to have a wall mounted dimmer switch. you can't do this with a 3 way circuit. the fan will come....

My hampton bay ceiling fan lights are dim. they're on getting about 20 volts. the fan function works ok, all three speeds are normal. the fan /light are remote controlled., if your ceiling fan randomly starts flickering.... don't worry! it's easy to fix for free! here's how!