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Mounting-a-ceiling-fan-on-a-beam, the fan hanger pipe is usually run through the fan canopy/ ceiling cover attached to the motor and the blades are attached to the motor unit. attach them to the fan brace/ beam mount using the provided screws. the fan canopy will cover the wiring like an electrical box. step 6 - add a regulator switch for the fan and finish up. Make the proper electrical connections when mounting a ceiling fan on the beam, and it will be as safe as if you made those electrical connections in a junction box. step 1 drill a hole through the beam into the attic area using a ¾-inch spade bit at the location at which you want to install the ceiling fan., if you are mounting a ceiling fan in a space with very high ceilings, select a model with a pole extender. if you are installing the fan on a low ceiling, select a flush mount model..

I am trying to mount a ceiling fan directly to an exposed beam on a cathedral ceiling. i will be running the wire in a channel mounted to the side of the beam. i mounted a 1/2" pancake mounting, ceiling fan/beam mount – where ?? @@@@ someone must make a ceiling fan mount suitable for a 4x beam, but i can’t goggle one up. ho wants a fan mounted from the center of the 4x beam in the bedroom..

Lighting, light fixtures, ceiling and exhaust fans - mounting ceiling fan to an insulated aluminum roof panel with fan beam - hi, i just got a screened porch installed by professionals, and they told, i am tasked with mounting a ceiling fan w/ light in an interior master bedroom that has a wooden ridge beam (covered with textured drywall) going down the center of the vaulted ceiling. since the