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Log-siding-installation-instructions, log siding installation instructions the installation of meadow valley log siding requires a few simple tools; a tape measure, circular or miter saw, a chalk line, a square, and a hammer. in most cases, window and door trim is installed first, and j-blocks if applicable.. Put the log siding on top of the foundation log. with the hammer and wooden block, tap the tongue of lower log siding into the groove of the log siding you are installing. make sure that you tap the tongue for it to fit properly. with the hammer or nail gun, nail each side of the log siding making sure the nails are 45 degrees under the tongue., 3308 n. abbe rd. comins, mi 48619 phone: 800-818-9971 * 989-848-5408 * fax: 989-848-5535 www.woodworkersshoppe.com email: [email protected]

Log siding can be easy to install with the right tools. about half of modulog installations are done by the homeowner perhaps with the help of a friend or relative while the other half doesn’t have the time or inclination and hires a local contractor to perform the work., attach the first piece of siding to the sill plate, using a construction level to maintain a straight line. screws should run through the top of the tongue, and through the groove in the bottom, and penetrate the studs at a 45 degree angle. verify that the panel is level before attaching to each stud..

Installing log cabin siding. start installing log cabin siding from the bottom and work your way to the top, using a level and/or string line. in general, 2×4, 2×6, and 2×8 trim boards should be installed prior to the log siding., outlet block installation. another piece that helps with the trulog™ metal siding installation is an outlet block. an outlet block is a base and cap system that helps the siding to be accepted to your faucet, electrical outlets, and lights on your exterior walls..

Caulking material - use a gun grade polyurethane sealant like vulkem® 116. color - tan or buff works best with cedar color tones. all caulking is done after installation, except the bead between the ends of siding at the butt joints (see illustration #a on this page)., take a four to six foot level and level the first piece of log siding to the sill plate, run screws through the top of the tongue at a 45 ° angle and the bottom screws the same through the groove to connect in the sill plate..

479-366-9882 our 10'' smooth tongue & groove only $1.75 per lin.ft. info.on 10''siding 1000 sq.ft. x 1.4 =1400 lin.ft. our tongue & groove 2 x 8 only $1.55 per lin.ft. info.on 8'' siding 1000 sq.ft.