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Ipe-siding-installation,   ipe is the perfect siding material because it is a natural product that is totally maintenance free. ipe is a great alternative to other siding options because most other siding materials are man-made materials that are not natural products.   ipe is a 100% natural product that contains absolutely no chemicals or preservatives.. Ipe decking installation. congratulations on choosing ipe wood! ipe woods usa is happy to provide you with this guide to make your ipe wood installation perfect! you’ve made a great choice on a long-lasting investment! ipe wood is beautiful, strong, dense and long-lasting. because you will enjoy this wood for years to come, ipe can benefit ..., ipe siding ipe siding is hands down one of the best materials that can be used for the siding of homes, businesses and commercial buildings. we can mill ipe siding to your specifications. we offer ipe in shiplap siding, rainscreen siding or any profile that is desired..

Ipe decking installation. follow these directions for perfect results. ipe is a very dense, very hard wood. use of some specialized or higher grade tools may be necessary for good results. this page will give you an overview of handling and building suggestions that will help you achieve excellent results when building your ipe deck., store ipe, cumaru,massaranduba and garapa deck boards outdoors or in a garage.; store out of direct sunlight and keep dry by covering. covering also prevents pre-mature oxidation and fading. stored decking should be kept off the ground (2″ or 4″ “dunnage” scrap pieces of lumber work great)..

Ipe siding ipe siding has become an extremely popular choice for residential and commercial buildings.   premium ipe siding offers a featured architectural element while lasting many years in service due to its superior technical properties.   siding made out of naturally durable hardwoods have proven themselves time and again., mataverde ipe rain screen hardwood siding is the most rugged and durable species available for rain screen wood siding installations. pronounced e'-pay, mataverde ipe rain screen hardwood siding has the same strength and high density characteristics as ipe decking and ipe lumber..

Ipe clip ® method: the ipe clip ® system uses high strength plastic clips that insert into slots cut into the edge of the deck board which then rests on top of a joist. a stainless steel screw (supplied with each ipe clip ® fastener) is then screwed down into the joist. we recommend the ipe clip ® system as many other fastener systems install from the bottom side of the deck, requiring ..., ipe shiplap siding installation process to protect from excess moisture apply a vapor barrier to the wall attach 3/4" furring strips spaced over 16" to the vapor barrier starting at the bottom start the installation of siding by pre-drilling holes above each furring strip with a 1/8" drill bit.