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Heat-lamp-wattage-for-40-gallon-tank, hey jaime, for your tank size you can use the exact lighting + fixture that i recommend in this article. the bulb is 18″ and the fixture is 21″ in total, which means you still have enough space to also put a heat bulb on top of your tank.. In a comfortable room, a 75 watt bulb should be okay for a 40 gallon tank. in a room that stays pretty warm all the time, a 60 watt bulb could be used. for nights, a heat source is still required..., cooperdragon wrote:it depends on how high you build the basking area.if you go with the 160w, it should sit about 12'' above the highest basking spot for best uvb output. you could hang it from an adjustable lamp stand to put it up over the top of the tank a bit higher..

[topic auto-locked due to inactivity] hello! we recently moved our bearded dragon from a 20 gallon tank to a 40 gallon tank. we had been using a 100w bulb in our original tank, and the temperature was between 95-110 on the warm side., watts, heat and light : measuring the heat output of different lamps . this experiment was intended to measure the way in which different “types” of lamps of the same wattage produce drastically different basking temperatures..

From personal experience, a 60-watt incandescent bulb works great in a small 20-gallon tank for a baby. but when it comes to larger tanks, such as a 40-gallon breeder, i’ve had success using 60-70 watt halogen bulbs. halogen floodlight bulbs are much stronger than typical house bulbs and as such, you shouldn’t need as high of wattage., in this post, you will find everything that you need to know about temperature, heating, lighting and humidity in a leopard gecko tank, and hopefully you set it up before your leopard gecko arrives..

Since a 100-watt turtle basking light would produce a bit more energy, it would also be able to produce more heat, as well as have a larger basking diameter., reptile tank heating and lighting guide: in this instructable, i will try to make an in-depth and comprehensive guide to the different types of heating and lighting products that are available in the pet market.gather as much information as possible on a reptile prior to purchasing it so.... Generally, a 125 gallon terrarium will require a higher wattage bulb than a 55 gallon terrarium in order to reach the same temperature in the basking area. it may take some experimenting with different bulb wattages to find the one that works ideally for your particular habitat. our favorite basking spot lamp