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Heat-lamp-for-sulcata-tortoise, sulcata tortoise lighting. lighting, namely uvb is one of the most important parts of any baby tortoise setup or habitat. desert tortoise species, or tortoise breeds, require more uvb exposure than forest species for example. an african tortoise, the sulcata tortoise lighting requirements are similar to most desert species of tortoise.. Cullen 2-pack reptile heat lamp bulb/light, uva basking spot heat lamp for lizard ,tortoise,bearded dragon, hedgehogs reptiles & amphibians with stick-on digital temperature thermometer (uva100-2), finding the best heat lamp for your tortoise. the biggest difference between most heat lamps is represented by the wattage of the heat bulb. most heat bulbs come in with three different wattages: 50 watts, 75 watts, and 100 watts..

I just got a baby sulcata tortoise and i have a terrarium for it that is about 35 in long and 12 in width and 10 inches high. the room it's in is pretty cool during the day and the glass of the terrarium feels cold. i have a 50 watt red heat lamp resting on the lid/screen and it's positioned on the right side of the tank opposite his water dish when i move the heat lamp and take off the lit i ..., heating & lighting for indoor tanks two types of lighting will be needed for all tortoises living indoors. an incandescent light bulb (heat lamp) should be placed on top of the tank (opposite the side with the hiding spot) to provide your tortoise.

An incandescent light bulb (heat lamp) should be placed on top of the tank (opposite the side with the hiding spot) to provide your tortoise a warm basking area. make sure the temperature reaches 95-100 degrees fahrenheit when the light is on. if not, adjust the wattage of the bulb accordingly., indoor tortoise enclosures are often very dry due to the dry air in most homes along with heat lamps on the cage. in the wild tortoises spend much time in burrows underground where humidity levels are much higher. humidity problems can often be resolved by soaking the wooden hide log in water 1-2 times a week..

Sulcata tortoises require a high fiber, low protein diet rich in calcium. zoo med’s grassland tortoise food™ is an excellent choice of maintenance diet because it offers long stem grasses that are similar to foods available in the wild., 5.0 out of 5 stars great heat lamp for sulcata tortoise. reviewed in the united states on march 22, 2019. verified purchase. delivered in hours. zero light only heat works great! used for my sulcata in california near sacramento outdoor enclosure. mount it at least 11 inches from tortoise. 150 watt.