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Heat-lamp-for-rabbits-hutches, heated rabbit hutch pads and lamps can help keep your rabbits warm during extremely cold winters. which are some of the good brands to buy and general tips for using them?. Most pet stores carry heat lamp fixtures that work well for heating rabbits. because it is most important to provide heat during the night, opt for a red light bulb or ceramic heat emitter, which produces no visible light, to avoid stressing your rabbit with an unusual photo period., simple deluxe clamp lamp light with 8.5 inch aluminum reflector up to 150 watt e26/e27 socket (no bulb included) 6 feet 18/2 spt-2 cord.

Rabbitry in winter additional benefits. one of the additional benefits of using a heat lamp to provide the rabbits with a comfortable, warm temperature is that it can prevent freezing of the water bowls. during the harsh winter conditions, metal crocks are far better than bottles as drinking utensils for rabbits as metal crocks resist freezing longer. ..., install heat lamps either outside the cage or covered with wires so your rabbit cannot touch them. check lamps frequently for burned-out bulbs. avoid placing heat lamps close to or shining directly on wood, as this can start a fire. make sure your rabbit cannot access cords and keep them out of contact with water, including rain and snow..

I'd go so far as to say that it's a really, really bad idea. incredibly dangerous, hutches should have hay and straw in them and if these get too close to the element which would be easily done with bunnies moving around or a simple gust of wind, you could have a fire inside the hutch on your hands., another disadvantage to individual hutches for your rabbits is that you will need to provide ample heating sources if they are kept outside or in an unheated space.. when in colonies, rabbits have the ability to use each other for warmth by huddling together. when kept separate, they will not have this option and may need a heat lamp, or other source of heat, in colder months..

Rabbits often live outdoors, and they’re content this way. it can feel cruel to leave rabbits outside during the winter months, though. it’s only natural to worry about your bunny staying safe during the winter season. when the temperature drops and the wind is icy, they are surely freezing. rabbits […]