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Heat-lamp-for-parrot, 25w reptile uva/uvb lamp - with dimmable switch and lengthened adjustable feature | adjustable stand - for bird lizard turtle snake aquarium habitat heat lamps & light bulbs - 2-pack. Omaykey 100w 2-pack ceramic heat lamp with 1-pcs digital-thermometer, infrared reptile heat emitter heater lamp bulb for pet brooder coop chicken lizard turtle snake aquarium, no light no harm, evergreen pet supplies 2-pack of 75 watt infrared heat lamp light bulb - red lights for reptile, amphibian, dog, chicken and other animal heating use. Wuhostam 2 pack 100w infrared ceramic heat lamp,black reptile emitter bulb for pet coop heater chicken lizard turtle brooder aquarium snake, no harm no light, etl listed, for years, people would introduce heat lamps near the cage. the problem with the heat lamp is never knowing how close and how long to leave it on. the great thing about the thermal perch is that the bird can choose to get on or off it as they see fit..

Does anyone use heat lamps? winter is coming soon and i'd like to purchase some heat lamps for my lovebirds. i dont even know where to start. i found these bulbs: avitech exotic birds - supplies, equipment and nutritional supplements for birds! but what do i plug them in with? and do you..., re: heat lamps? if your comfortable providing heat for your bird when your not home, you should. if your temperature in your cabin is 50-60 degrees, i would invest in a heat lamp. i use heat lamps on my birds if they are set up in a hospital cage, when not well, and they work great, providing the power doesn't go out..

This winter’s severe weather has many bird owners re-thinking the ways in which they provide heat to their pets (and to themselves!). late winter, spring and autumn can be even trickier than mid-winter, as warm days and frigid nights often arrive back-to-back., k&h snuggle up bird warmer description you are comfortable at 70 degrees, but your exotic bird might be feeling like he is a penguin in those cool conditions!