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Heat-lamp-for-dog-whelping-box, therma-whelp the original whelping box incubator puppy warming systems for over 10 years. a deluxe puppy/litter warmer. Why heat with a lamp? lamp heating has several advantages over the use of electronic floor pads or cradles. heat lamps are a perfect solution for puppy warmth because they address the need for minor temperature variance at the surface, unlike other surface based solutions. puppies (and mom) are free to move away from t, heating for newborn and neonate puppies is crucial, as body temperature is a key factor for survival. in fact, hypothermia (low body temperature) suppresses most physiological functions, including breathing, heart rate, suckle reflex and gut motility..

Deluxe therma-whelp™ system: adds extention arm, extra emitter & 2 extra thermometers. **the stainless steel extention arm allows you to raise the heat emitter up an additional 12″ inches. this is very useful for weaning the puppies from the heat, large dogs & warmer whelping areas. ., every commercial whelping box uses either a heat lamp or a heating pad. your frenchie will hate them and so do i. heat lamps are closest to mum.. I bought the zoo med deluxe 8.5in porcelain black clamp lamp for reptiles in conjunction with the zoo med 60 watt infrared heating bulb. the heating bulb worked great but the clamp lamp was a bit finicky., sanitation and housebreaking during and after whelping, the mother should be allowed to go outside to urinate and defecate. take her out on a leash (bring a flashlight if it is dark), and watch her closely, as she could have another puppy..

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