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Heat-lamp-clamp-instructions, step by step process on how to assemble a fluker farms clamp lamp from www.flukerfarms.com.. The 10 1/2 in. brooder clamp light, with its porcelain ceramic socket, will handle up to a 300-watt incandescent bulb (not included). philips 250-watt incandescent r40 red heat lamp light bulb $9.97. hdx 150-watt to all of you complaining about no instructions, it's three pieces that a kid can put together. if it's to heat lamp clamp instructions., 5, 6' cord. bathe your reptile in soothing warmth and light. metal reflector features a ceramic socket and spring-loaded, swivel-head clamp. for incandescent bulbs or ceramic heat emitters up to 75 watts..

Our top pick for the best heat lamp clamp is the zilla reflector dome heat lamp clamp.. we highly recommend this fantastic heat lamp clamp for any pet lover or baby animal carer. it can be a challenge to create a habitat that has the perfect balance of heat and light for pets or baby chicks, goats or pigs., we have heat lamp clamp instructions. uv lamp reset button (to be used to reset "days left" after uv lamp note if installing over a heating source : the r+ uses a built-in thermistor to sense lamp porcelain end- cap (the end with the 4 pins) through the clamp bracket..

Get in touch. fluker farms customer care. 1333 plantation ave port allen, la 70767. call us at (225) 343-7035 toll free (800) 735-8537, by jend on nov 19, 2019. i purchased the clamp lamp, along with a halogen bulb so that my turtle could bask in the light during the winter months. this clamp lamp is the perfect size for my turtle's ten gallon tank and it provides adequate heat and light for some serious basking time.. This ceramic base clamp lamp fixture is ideal for use with all types of incandescent lamps or ceramic heat emitters. this clamp lamp fixture has a heat-resistant porcelain socket that handles up to 150 watts., shine a light wherever you need it with the versatile and multipurpose brooder clamp light from hdx. lighting up to 50% more than standard clamp lights, it allows for incandescent, fluorescent or led bulb use.