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Heat-lamp-bulb-for-bearded-dragon, bearded dragon lighting useful information. 1. types of lamps a. basking light. this common type of lamp produces the light and heat for your beardie’s habitat.it comes in high watt. because of the high heat, it is prone to catch the fire.. Wacool uva uvb reptile light 100w self-ballasted vapor bulb full spectrum sun light heat lamp basking spot lamp for reptile turtle bearded dragons and amphibians 4.2 out of 5 stars 26 $26.99$26.99 $29.99$29.99 get it as soon as tue, may 12, porcelain light socket, great wattage, and special fixture bulb. the zoo med lighting kit heat lamp is not just any ordinary bulb, but it is more than that because it offers a ceramic nature emitter to make particular for heating enclosures especially for bearded dragons..

The ideal basking area temperature should be 100 -110 °f (about 38- 43 °c) and the warmer end. this temperature should not be the temperature of the air below the heating bulb but on the basking platform surface.. in the case of small hatchling, a temperature of 95 -100 °f is sufficient, implying you need to go for a lower wattage bulb or put it a little far from their basking area., bearded dragon associate light with heat. if you use an infrared bulb for heating during the day, this can irritate your bearded dragon´s basking behavior. the second reason why i do not recommend infrared bulbs is, because infrared penetrates the skin. it was found out that it can even burn a bearded dragon´s tissue..

This bearded dragon heat lamp offers a very powerful source of uva heat for your pet that needs heat at night with no light output generated through uvb lights. this is ideal for a broad range of amphibians and reptiles. this is also perfect for dogs and cats that live outside your home, but need heat during night time., unlike cats, dogs, and other pets, bearded dragons need heat and light to help them not only regulate their day to night cycles, and also their digestion. naturally, the best (and only!) way to give your dragons the heat they need on a continual basis is to provide a basking light that will give them an area to, well, bask in!.

How hot should my bearded dragon’s basking spot be? your bearded dragon’s basking spot is crucial to their health because it helps stimulate their appetite, helps them absorb calcium, heat their body, and basically perform a ton of other vital functions.. as such, it is important to make sure their basking spot is the right temperature as this will directly affect their health., in this complete bearded dragon heating and lighting guide, you will find all about best uvb and basking bulbs, wattages, setup, essentials, lighiting and heating schedules..

One of the best heat lamps to use for bearded dragons is the zoo med repti basking spot lamp. this heat lamp is ideal for creating basking areas, and comes in wattages ranging from 50 watts (for small terrariums) to 150 watts (for very large terrariums).