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Heat-lamp-amps, this feit electric 250r40/1 250-watt incandescent dimmable flood this feit electric 250r40/1 250-watt incandescent dimmable flood br40 reflector heat lamp generates more warmth than a standard incandescent light. heat lamps are commonly found in restaurants to prevent freshly prepared, hot dishes from cooling down before being delivered to the customer.. Heat lamps top selected products and reviews philips heat lamp r40 flood light bulb: 250-watt, medium screw base by philips led in stock. list price: list price: $12.96: price: price: $10.40: you save: you save: $2.56 (20%) "super item" - by ..., zacro reptile heat lamp 150w with one digital thermometer, infrared ceramic heating non-light lamps emitter 110v (black) 4.5 out of 5 stars 375 $12.99 $ 12 . 99 $23.98 $23.98.

Keep pre-made meal orders, sides, and other foods warm until an order is placed by storing them under a food heat lamp. ideal for use in buffet-style serving lines and fast food restaurants, these lamps will allow you to prepare food before a rush without jeopardizing the quality and taste of the food., favorite answer most heat lamps are rated at 120v, 250 watts, so 250 watts divided by 120v is 2.08 amps. it is a simple algebra formula, watts divided by volts equals amps. source(s): local 46.... At bulbs.com you can purchase at least 15 different heat lamp bulbs from brands like philips lighting, satco products, inc. and bulbrite., generally the reason is because of too much heat from the incandescent bulb. other reasons would be the amperage would exceed the wiring or the lamp socket. using ohms law (power or watts =....

Infrared / heat lamps technically all incandescent and halogen light bulbs could be called heat lamps because, at all wattages, they are more effective at generating heat than light. in practice, 125 watt to 375 watt incandescent reflector bulbs are used for heat lamps in homes, warming lights for food service and in brooder applications.