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Heat-bulbs-for-snakes, heat lamps are an option for snakes that would normally bask in the sun. the zilla premium reflector dome on amazon is the best heat lamp for snakes. it is well-made and fits a wide variety of bulbs. the dome has a reflective coating on the inside, helping to enhance the light.. Keep your reptile warm and healthy with an appropriate heat lamp. many snakes and lizards need a basking spot and there is no better or more natural way to provide that than with the right reptile heat bulb., the incandescent light bulbs will heat up too much. most incandescent sockets are plastic and they will melt with the heat of the lamp. incandescent bulbs are dangerous for you and the snake. the ceramic ones won’t melt on you so buy those..

The spot bulb provides a focused beam of energy to heat the air inside the enclosure to create the warmth needed for a healthy reptile environment. the bulb is made from glass containing rare earth black phosphors, which simulates the moon’s natural glow for nocturnal viewing without disturbing the reptile’s day/night cycle., heat lights, in addition to providing more measurable ambient heat, also offer a more natural day/night cycle for your pet snake than heating pads. you can have two separate heat lights, each on a 12-hour cycle. leave the daylight heat light (the white light) on during the day and turn the "night-glo" or nocturnal red or purple light on at night..

Jungle bob introduces night light and night heat bulbs for reptiles, a broad-spectrum daylight lamp with a neodymium sleeve. the spectrum is ideal for plant’s photosynthesis and the uva (ultraviolet a) light contributes to reptiles’ physiological well-being. another important factor is the heat emitted by this bulb to increase the over all ambient temperature in the terrarium..

If you liked this article, then like this article here! a question often asked here in the stores is "how do i decide what kind of light to use?", ceramic heat emitters are one of the best ways to provide a heat source to cold-blooded pets. they are an affordable way to provide heat and last much longer than a normal light bulb. they are strange-looking devices but well worth the cost. i have tested two of the ceramic heat emitters with my snakes and lizards.