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Hanging-heat-lamp-for-tortoise, the best sources of heat in the winter months for your reptiles. kane heat mats, red bulbs, ceramic heaters, heat panels, etc.. Understanding reptile lighting systems. a c highfield. above: metabolic bone disease is revealed by the spinal region depression visible on this geochelone sulcata (african spurred tortoise).mbd is typically caused by lack of exposure to uv-b as well as by dietary factors., deluxe lamp stand to increase lifespan of lamps & bulbs and safety, by blue spotted. for use with reptile lamp fixtures and terrariums, reptiles, amphibians, small animals, birds, and farm animals!. Woods 0165 brooder lamp with bulb guard,10.5 inch reflector and 6 foot cord (250 watt, 18/2 sjtw), 0, vintage plug in hanging light kit, 2 pack industrial pendant lighting fixture, e26 e27 retro hanging lights with plug in cord, 9.8 ft black cord with on/off switch hanging lamp for living room bedroom.

The zilla black reflector dome incandescent light fixtures are designed to deliver years of heat or light to reptile terrariums. each is topped with a ceramic socket to withstand constant heat of bulbs up to 150 watts.