Gluten Intolerant Need to Visit These Restaurants While in UK!

Looking a healthy food in UK is quite easy since there are many cities there which equipped with primary dietary requirements including dairy menu, vegetarian, and even gluten free. Gluten free breakfast restaurants near me in UK will help you who are intolerant to gluten so that you can enjoy delicious meal without experiencing any digestive problem. You might be done some efforts by reducing wheat composition when making foods in your own. However, if you keep stick with this strategy, you will miss many delicious foods. Some of the restaurants in UK below seem to be good options for you who are allergic to gluten but want to try tasty menu!

Terre A Terre

Terre A Terre is one of great gluten free restaurants near me uk which is very iconic. It is because the restaurant is a place for vegetarians to pamper their taste buds. It already got multiple awards and orders for catering for vegan. Terre A Terre also provide gluten free menu for dinners on their daily basis. Hence, it can be such easiness for them who just get hungry at night but cannot eat any foods containing gluten. This restaurant offers you with numerous options for healthy menu as well as various kinds of tasty foods which are completely free from gluten. 

The Bull Inn

The restaurant is pretty unique in look as it is designed with traditional pub style. You not only can bring all your family members here but also your beloved pet like dogs. This is just warm and friendly eating atmosphere you will rarely get from other places. This restaurant is not only famous with its plenty of space but its menu specialty which is a fresh baked pizza. This place is just a favourite for both kids and adults since it is considered as gluten free pizza restaurants near me which is easy to find. Mini pizzas, gluten free pasta, and salad bowls are the example of favourite menu for children. 


Ten Green Bottles

This place is better suited to be called as wine bar instead of restaurants so that it can be such a great alternative if you are quite difficult to find restaurants with gluten free food near me. The interesting thing of this place is that you can enjoy sharing platters. Hence, it is perfect for you who like to eat small amount of foods. This place also provides menu choices for those who cannot consume gluten as they have GF crackers and special cheese without containing gluten. Many people who often visit here truly like the blue cheese with the combination of walnuts and honey. 

Waterhouse Bar and Terrace

Eating in Waterhouse Bar and Terrace allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of the city while enjoying the tasty foods. The menu of this restaurant is very various including the light breakfast menu, always ready brunches, and well prepared bar foods. This place also provides afternoon tea to preserve the classic style when people enjoying snacks like sandwiches or cakes. Plus, you will get prosecco or champagne for any celebration. Waterhouse Bar and Terrace is gluten free restaurants near me that deliver wide array of delicious bar menu which can be enjoyed by those allergic to gluten.