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Foundry-siding-installation-instructions, installation instructions: foundry stone™ panel installing the first course: 1. all panels are installed left to right. 2. trim the left side of the first panel to be installed so it can be installed flush into the j-channel or corner post (pic 1). leave a minimum ¼" (6mm) gap in all j-channels and stops (increase to. Installation instructions: foundry corners corner installation the foundry corners are designed to align with the 5", 7", or 10" (127mm, 178mm, or 254mm) exposure panels. (3) • determine the location of the first course of siding prior to the installation of the corner assembly. • once you have determined where the first course is, a flat plumb wall surface is necessary for proper installation of foundry siding. inspect the framing and sheathing to ensure that the walls are structurally sound. recommended sheathing is a minimum 7/16 inch osb or 15/32 inch plywood. a weather resistant barrier should be applied to the house prior to installation..

Split shake, staggered shake, shingle, perfection shingle, and shapes installation • if you’re using shingles or shakes for an entire wall, start by installing a starter strip. (1) if a vinyl starter strip is used, be sure it is level and plumb. note: different manufacturers’ starter strip locks vary in size., 5 foundrysiding.com preparation l a flat, level wall surface is necessary for proper installation of flashing, before applying foundry siding. l a weather-resistant barrier should be applied to the house prior to installing foundry siding (fig 4).consult your local building code for requirements in your geographic area..

800-521-8486 3 approved wall preparation traditional wood framed walls truexterior siding must be installed on frame-built walls with studs spaced 16 in. o.c. or, at most, 24 in. o.c. (fig. 2)., maximize the texture and design of your home with specialty siding - duration: 2:43. boral building products 4,511 views.

Foundry makes it possible to get the warm look and beautiful colors of cedar without the high maintenance. elevate the curb appeal of any home with a wide variety of shingle, shake and stone siding in styles that deliver character and charm., foundry stone panel installation guidelines general guidelines: ‐ these instructions show one type of installation and are intended for the professional siding installer. methods other than the ones shown may be used at the risk of the installer and voiding the product warranty.