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Fixing-travertine-floor-tiles, use stone sealer on the travertine tile floor around the hole you need to fill. you’ll find that doing this will make it a great deal easier to clean up the grout later, once the hole is filled. give the sealer a full hour to dry before you wipe the floor with a cloth. make sure the cloth is lint free.. Travertine is one of the most durable tile and paver options on the market, but even with the utmost care, some homeowners may experience damage to their travertine tile due to excessive wear and tear or accidents., repair travertine floor chips and cracks yourself and save money.unlike its installation, travertine floors can easily be repaired and maintained. travertine is a durable natural rock with exceptional elegance which stands the test of time..

Step by step instructions on how to repair holes and pits on travertine floors. for more information please visit www.stoneproonline.com, travertine epoxy fillers are generally colored to match the lighter beige colored travertine tiles. for darker walnut colored travertine's you can still use the beige travertine filler but you may want to add a colored tint to the travertine filler to darken the color. the second way to fill travertine is to simply use sanded grout..

How to fill holes in a travertine floor tile. formed deep within hot springs, travertine stone has a naturally rustic appearance. part of that appearance is due to the way that hot water vapor ..., natural stone tiles. page 1: natural stone tile introduction page 2: fixing of travertine page 3: fixing of marble page 4: further information back to buying guide; fixing of travertine. how to prepare travertine tiles. travertine should be dry laid firstly, mixing up tiles from packs/crates to ensure an acceptable shade blend, as shade variation is inherent in all natural stone..

Custom building products travertine repair kit is a complete kit to repair cracked or damaged travertine. this product provides a durable fix that matches most colors of travertine. easy to use and takes less than 5 minutes. great for repairing cracks and holes up to 1/4 in. (6 mm) deep and 1 in. (25 mm) wide, travertine tiles are beautiful, durable and a popular decor choice. they can also get grimy with the grit and dust of daily life if they aren't cleaned regularly. the best way to clean travertine floors is with water and a mild soap only a few times a year. polish them once a year.