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Fix-floor-lamp-switch, if your favorite lamp no longer comes on when you turn the switch, or comes on and then goes off again, you don't have to throw it out and buy a new one. you can fix a lamp switch easily. every lamp switch either comes loose at some point during its lifetime or simply wears out.. Squeeze and pull the socket shell to remove it from the lamp. the socket shell is the actual assembly where the switch is located and the light bulb screws in. on most lamps, you can squeeze the socket shell and pull upwards to remove it. if the socket shell is hard to remove, use a screwdriver to pry it loose., cut the wires near the body of the old switch, using the cutter on the combination tool. remove 1-inch of insulation from the lamp wires, using the correct notch of the combination tool. the gauge....

Video shows how to replace the dimmer switch with an an on/off switch without the dimmer function., a detailed, step by step tutorial showing how to remove and replace a faulty 3-way switch for a table or floor lamp.. Haraqi himalayan salt lamp cord (6ft) with dimmer switch,original replacement cord with base assembly(3.34 inches) and 6 piece 25 watt e12 bulbs for salt rock lamp,ul listed, lamps have a variety of switches to turn them on and off. one of the most popular ones is the rotary switch. the rotary lamp switch consists of a threaded stem to which a plastic knob is attached. the other end of the threaded stem connects to the switching mechanism inside the light socket..

Remove the cone-shaped top from the lamp, which most likely includes the metal grate covering the halogen lamp. my lamp has 3 "indents" (red circle) that slide into paths on the cone (red square). to remove the cone, twist the cone in the clockwise direction (while viewing from the shaft side of the lamp)., a lamp switch has a brass screw to which the hot (black) wire is attached and a silver screw to which the neutral (white) wire is attached. lamp cords, however, don’t have colored wires in them. so, before you remove the wires from the old switch, note which color screw each wire is connected to.