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Double-earthed-ceiling-lights, shop for double insulated class 2 lighting at lightahome.net. we are the uk's oldest & most extensive stockist of double insulated lights & offer a range of class 2 lighting solutions. stockists of double insulated spotlights, ceiling lights & much more. no need for an earth connection & many styles available. buy now!. This blog aims to give you a basic understanding of what class 2 / double insulated lights are. firstly double insulated and class 2 mean exactly the same thing, this being that these lights are designed to be used where the property they are being fitted into has no earth wire., double insulated ceiling lights. if your lighting circuit does not have an adequate earth you can either have your wiring upgraded to incorporate an earth or use lighting that is double insulated..

Double insulated light fittings. if you are lighting a home without earth cable there is no need to settle for plastic lighting, the lighting company offer a large range of double insulated lighting also known as class 11 or class 2 lights., double insulated or class 11 or class 2 wall lights. these wall lights are needed when a property does not have an adequate earth cable. the lighting company uk has a great selection of double insulated wall lights that do not require earth cable..

The class 2, double insulated ceiling lights range. here you will find a vast array of class 2 double insulated ceiling lights, in styles to suit any type of decor and to suit all budgets.