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Does-a-russian-tortoise-need-a-heat-lamp, it is fun and exciting when you get a new pet. most people go out and look for a certain breed of dog or cat because they are most common. there are those who are reptile lovers and they go out and purchase lizards and other such sorts, but then there are those who are tortoise lovers.. Finding the best heat lamp for your tortoise. the biggest difference between most heat lamps is represented by the wattage of the heat bulb. most heat bulbs come in with three different wattages: 50 watts, 75 watts, and 100 watts., yes, like the vast majority of reptiles, russian tortoises need a heat lamp and a uva/uvb bulb..

Yes, like the vast majority of reptiles, russian tortoises need a heat lamp and a uva/uvb bulb. asked in turtles and tortoises do tortoises store fat ?, hi! this is my first post here, i’m getting a russian tortoise really soon and i’m wondering what light i should get for the tortoise. i have read some places that they need a uvb and some say they need a uvb and a uv.. There’s plenty of confusion about tortoise lighting, as information regarding it if often too generalised for anybody to work out what’s best for their tortoise pet. at swell reptiles, this generates many confused calls for us, and we thought it was about time we laid down our feelings on the matter. light, heat and uvb […], generally a combination of fluorescent bulbs, incandescent bulbs, and a mercury vapor lamp may be needed to provide the quality of light needed to keep russian tortoises healthy indoors..

This site is dedicated to providing exchange of ideas and information to create a better understanding of the care and breeding of the russian tortoise. (testudo horsfieldii, horsfield, agrionemys, steppe), during the day, tortoises require a hot basking temperature. this is achieved by using clear spot bulbs at one end of the vivarium (or over a table). to accomplish the required basking temperature of 90 o f we use a basking bulb (100w in a 46" vivarium). the power of a basking bulb over a table is more dependant upon room temperature.