Does-a-garter-snake-need-a-heat-lamp, garter snakes love the warmth coming from their basking lamp but they also appreciate secondary belly heat which will radiate from warm objects. natural rocks like slate are perfect for this, so are heavy artificial ornaments. these decorations can be placed under and around the basking area and should warm up nicely.. I caught a wild garter snake a few days ago and decided to keep him, he's been eating great! 2 worms a day and i gave him a baby toad today. but what i want to know is, does he need a heating lamp or pad or whatever? also some other tips on taking car of him. he still gets frightened when i come in the room., garter snakes need a basking area between 90-95 degrees for proper digestion. heat can be provided by either a basking lamp, heat tape (or zilla heat mat) under the tank or both..

Zilla is a well-known and trusted supplier of reptile products. they produce all sorts of items for reptile enclosures, from heat lamps to snake hides, and even tanks.. reputable brands produce higher-quality products, and the zilla premium reflector dome (available on amazon) showcases this well.. the zilla dome is a popular choice among snake owners., when i mean summer, i mean like 80-85 degrees..

If you have a heat pad you don't really need one put you need some kind of light for your snake to distinguish day from night. and news paper is ok but wouldn't recommend use paper towels or repti carpet which they sell in any local pet store, i've heard there are a few snakes in the hobby that are small enough to be able to live off roaches and can live comfortably at room temperature. i thought i'd ask, i want a snake but at the same time i wouldn't be able to have it out in the open or offer it a heat lamp. a heat pad is do-able....

Garter snake habits. garter snakes are shy. they will generally avoid humans and animal contact and prefer to be left alone. if you have garter snakes in your yard or garden, chances are you may not even know., table of contents: 1 why are garter snakes good starter pets?. 1.1 things to know before getting a garter snake; 1.2 how to identify a garter snake. 1.2.1 what are the types of garter snakes?; 1.2.2 how to identify a common garter snake; 1.2.3 common garter snake (t. sirtalis) vs. ribbon snake (t. sauritus) identification; 1.2.4 how to identify a checkered garter snake (t. marcianus).

How long can a garter snake go without eating? this question is dependent on the situation the snake is in. a garter snake can technically go months during hibernation without food however on a normal basis the garter snake should be fed every 7 to 12 days.