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Do-tree-frogs-need-a-heat-lamp, whether or not a tree frog needs a heat lamp depends on the requirements of the species and what the temperature is like in their tank. a heat lamp is not always required but you should do your best to keep your frog comfortable. that means providing a suitable climate for them to live in.. It depends what species. hardier species such as the native american green tree frog will not require heating as they're generally used to the temperatures unless you live somewhere really cold..., i have an american green tree frog. i don't know if he should have a heat lamp or not, he doesn't seem to be having any problems..

Tree frogs are nocturnal. they don't require sunlight, but they do need lighting that mimics a day and night cycle in their habitat. if necessary, use a heat bulb or a night-specific heat lamp for warmth. a thermometer at each end of the tank will help you monitor the temperature., i am in the process of setting up my green tree frog tank and was wondering what wattage of a heat bulb to use. i read that since they are nocturnal you do not use any other lights but you can use a heat pad or nocturnal heat bulb and that's what i would like to do. problem is the internet said to use 15 watts but i cannot find a light fixture that holds 15 watts..

Well im getting some whites tree frogs, and i go to an animal studies college and there they keep them with a heat mat, and uvb light and they seem to be perfectly fine, my friend kept his dart frogs with heat mats and they where fine, and on websites and youtube people use heats mat's without a problem, but other people are telling me to use heat lamps., uvb lighting is not required but a basking light or lamp is recommended for heating. american green tree frogs do well at room temperature but giving them a nice temperature gradient within their cage is beneficial..

Being heated to absorb heat. my frogs constantly use this method to obtain heat. another heating method is to use a nocturnal heat lamp (no larger than 15 watts) situated over a high point in the enclosure. (make sure there is a screen cover between the lamp and the frogs!!) my frogs also, there are many species of tree frogs, and most require similar care. find out what supplies, housing and foods you need to keep your new amphibian happy & healthy with our tree frog car sheet!