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Do-tortoise-need-a-heat-lamp, finding the best heat lamp for your tortoise. the biggest difference between most heat lamps is represented by the wattage of the heat bulb. most heat bulbs come in with three different wattages: 50 watts, 75 watts, and 100 watts.. If you’re just getting started in your pursuit of tortoise husbandry excellence you probably have a whole ton of questions going around in your head, one of which is likely to be; what does my tortoise require to regulate his or her temperature, and what do i need to do to facilitate this?, we are a passionate group of writers and researchers who write about pet turtles and tortoises. on this site you will find articles that cover every basic thing that a turtle owner needs to know, as well as all the advanced stuff..

It comes in different wattages, from 50 watts to 150 watts, though you shouldn’t need anything higher than 50. aside from heating, this spot lamp also produces plenty of uvb for your tortoise., tortoises require light sources to provide both heat and ultraviolet light. both are important, but the key distinction is that the uv light should pretty much fill the entire space in the terrarium or tortoise table, whereas the heat lamp only needs to be positioned in one corner..

First on our list of best heat lamps for a tortoise is the zoo med repticare infrared ceramic heat emitter. it’s one of the best options if you are looking for a heating solution for your tortoise’s enclosure that can be used all day long., well first how about you google a care sheet for the specific breed you are going to get, every animal had different needs but in general every tortoise will need a uvb heat lamp, about 60 bucks..

There’s plenty of confusion about tortoise lighting, as information regarding it if often too generalised for anybody to work out what’s best for their tortoise pet. at swell reptiles, this generates many confused calls for us, and we thought it was about time we laid down our feelings on the matter. light, heat and uvb […], size: 48″ x 24″ x 16″ | volume: 80 gallons | weight: 42 pounds | material: pvc this zen habitats reptile enclosure with pvc panels is great for tortoises and reptiles in general that require a lot of room for them to explore.. the enclosure uses 1 inch of anodized aluminum, bamboo printed pvc panels, front sliding/removable acrylic doors, a galvanized steel screen top, additional top ...