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Do-bearded-dragons-require-a-heat-lamp, this site is owned and operated by beardeddragonowner.com. beardeddragonowner.com is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com and amazon.ca. beardeddragonowner.com also participates in affiliate programs with clickbank, cj, shareasale, and .... Nighttime temperatures. the nighttime temperatures should drop to 72°f (32°c) to 80°f (26°c) within the enclosure. if the temperatures drop below this after turning the heat and light sources off at night, you may need to use a heating device that does not emit light to supplement heat.. the bright light from a daytime bulb will disturb the bearded dragon’s sleeping patterns., question: “i just got a bearded dragon for a pet. he is one year old. i have a heat lamp on during the day, but i’m wondering if i need to run it at night also. does a bearded dragon need heat at night?”.

Bearded dragons are exothermic which means they need to get heat and light from an external source. source: in the wild, the external source is the sun and in captivity, the external source is the heat lamp or otherwise known as the basking lamp., the ideal basking area temperature should be 100 -110 °f (about 38- 43 °c) and the warmer end. this temperature should not be the temperature of the air below the heating bulb but on the basking platform surface.. in the case of small hatchling, a temperature of 95 -100 °f is sufficient, implying you need to go for a lower wattage bulb or put it a little far from their basking area..

Hi my friend brought a bearded dragon yesterday it has no heat lamp or mat hardly any bedding n no food i wrapped up a lukewarm hot water bottle and place loads of shredded newspaper to try give the animal a fighting chance but i don’t think he knows what to do about it it came with a tank and a little bedding in the travel cade which was too small for the animal, are you unsure if your bearded dragon’s enclosure is the right temperature?. are you wondering whether to go without the heat lamp at night or not? bearded dragons, being reptiles, are cold-blooded, which means an external heat source is vital to their survival..

Excellent heating device, low maintenance and far surpasses a normal heating lamp. i purchased to replace my night time heat lamp for my bearded dragon as he would often stay awake staring at the red night lamp., i am not an expert, only kept pet lizards for about 6-7yrs, and beardies for 3.5yrs. none of my skinks or beardies have ever gone down to brumate (they have slowed down late autumn into winter, become more lazy , but kept wanting to be fed, wanting to bask, wanting snuggles and time out to crawl about.