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Ceiling-fan-lights-turn-on-by-themselves, the light attached to the ceiling fan in my room turns on by itself. this happens at random. sometimes at 2am, sometimes in the afternoon. it is operated from a system of buttons where a normal.... Ceiling fan receiver issues the receiver on your fan could be the issue. what can happen is, your fan's receiver can be set to the same frequency as other devices in your home. when this happens, turning on another appliance in the home can also turn on the fan too., ceiling fan light turns on and off by itself. shelly lighting july 22, 2018. harbor breeze ceiling fan light turns light on ceiling fan turns by itself harbor breeze ceiling fan light turns light on ceiling fan turns by itself..

My ceiling fan (the lights)in my bedroom turns on by itself. i will wake up at two am and the lights are blazing. i will go upstairs in the afternoon and the light are on. once while i was lying there staring at the fan they went on then off. that really freaked me out. is there a mechanical reason for this? i have looked all over the web for this problem and i can find no answer. oh, and it ..., ceiling fan lights turn on by themselves yaser vtngcf org -> credit to : www.novellab.co ceiling fan stopped or light not working how to repair guide -> credit to : www.delmarfans.com.

Ceiling fan keeps turning on by itself. i live in a 40 unit condo. remote controlled hunter fan. ocassionally it would turn itself on and sometimes the light. so i googled and it and apparently someone in the building probably has theirs set to the same frequency on the remote. i believed it was called dip setting., check for frayed wiring: frayed wiring within the fan’s housing can cause the fan to turn on and off by itself. open up the fan housing and inspect all of the wires/wire connections to make sure they are snug and all of the wires are intact. if there are any issues, the wire connections should be secured and the frayed wires should be fixed ....

The old jail at freestone county historical museum have had reports of the lights turning on by themselves. the dvr system seems to capture just this event., i have a panel with six toggle switches. two lights controlled by this panel turned on by themselves last night. the switches were actually flipped from the lowered "off" position to the raised "on" position. these are the only switches that control these lights and i had just turned one of them off a few minutes earlier. is there anything that can explain this, please?