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Ceiling-fan-light-works-but-fan-does-not, if your ceiling fan quit working, but the light still works, and you hear a humming sound, you might be looking at a blown motor capacitor. they can burn out for a number of reasons, the major two reasons being old age or overheating. checking this part of the fan is also relatively simple.. If the fan does not have a light, any of the above options are applicable. the red, blue, or black/white striped wire in the canopy and switch housing need not be connected as it is for an added light assembly., turn off the breaker supplying electricity to the ceiling fan at you main electrical panel if the tester does not light. remove the screws holding the switch cover plate over the ceiling fan and....

Hunter ceiling fan home depot lights don't work fan works simple fix., i replaced a ceiling light, controlled by 2 switches, with a new ceiling fan and light kit. the light kit works but the fan doesn't. the electrical box in the ceiling has 1 black, 1 white and 1 bare ground wire.. Some ceiling fans use the wall-mounted light switch to activate the lights. lighting on a ceiling fan operates similarly to any other type of light fixture. the only difference is that the wiring for the light routes through the ceiling fan and connects to the main wiring with the wiring from the fan., fan light kit not working if your ceiling fan is operating correctly, but the light kit fails, use the steps below to determine the cause: check that the light bulb is securely fastened into the socket. confirm the bulb has not burned out..

When a ceiling fan doesn’t work at all, the first thing to do is to make sure it is receiving electrical power from its switch and from your home’s circuit breaker or fuse box. first check the circuit breaker or fuse, then the switch. find the electrical panel that serves the ceiling fan’s circuit., if the ceiling fan is wired on the same switch as your lights are, and the lights are still working fine as you say, the culprit maybe a defective fan switch. if you have humming between pulls as the previous user stated, it maybe a capacitor that has gone bad too. but first, i would check with replacing the fan speed switch on your ceiling fan..

Thank you for asking your question on . you are corresponding with joseph - your personal on-line “electrical consultant”. there could be a couple of things going on here. your pull chain for the fan could have gone bad, the motor burned up, or (and this will only apply if the fan is on an independent switch) the switch could have gone bad.