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Ceiling-fan-light-switch-wont-work, wiring for the ceiling fan light comes from the bottom of the fan motor. if these wires have disconnected, the fan blades can rotate but the ceiling fan lights won’t turn on. loosen the screws that attach the light deck to the fan motor. locate the plug connections at the switch housing.. If your ceiling fan stopped working, start with the easy fixes first. step 1: check that your light switch is in the proper position if your fan is wired to the wall. in some spaces, you’ll need to make sure the switch is in the “on” position before turning the fan on via the pull cord., re: ceiling fan lights don't work the fan and light should both be controlled by the wall switch, if its a single switch. sabl is right its the pull chain or the wiring. smart money goes to the pull chain, they still click even when the contacts burn out, as long as the wires are ok its either the pull chain switch or bulbs..

My one year old ceiling fan won’t work with the remote i turned the power off at the light switch and when i turn it back on the fan beeps i changed the battery in the remote and when i push the button the little red light comes on and then off. the fan light nor the fan works. contractor's assistant: how can i help with your electrical question? did you get my question, if the switch won't turn off the fan/light you did it wrong. when you flip the switch to on the fan and light should be energized. then the pull chains should turn them on and off..

Replacing a ceiling fan limiter welcome to my apartment maintenance channel, on this channel i bring you along on service calls, repairs, installs, and every..., if the lights aren't working, the problem may be high wattage bulbs. if so, low watt led's may solve the problem, rather than trying more complicated fixes..

Yes, then you want to check the reversing switch on the side of the housing. if the switch is part way in between the forward or reverse positions, the fan won't work. push the reversing switch to one side and see if the fan works. make sure you turn the fan off before you check this., one it warns that it won't work with a fan that has a "control system built into the motor". that does describe the casabalanca system. not sure it covers yours or not. the other is that is the fan...