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Ceiling-fan-light-is-too-dim, the main reasons for dim ceiling fan lights are: the remote control setting for your ceiling fan light is set to dim without you knowing, the bulb fixtures are weak with low lumen output, or the ceiling fan has a wattage limiter installed. in this article, i will cover the most common ways that you can fix a dim ceiling fan light.. The amount of light from this ceiling fan is really not enough to light up a whole bedroom, and unfortunately i think your stuck with that amount of light due to the small area for the light bulb. however, you may consider installing an led bulb with the same socket base as the existing bulb., lighting, light fixtures, ceiling and exhaust fans - ceiling fan lights went dim after 2 months - the lights were fine for 2 months but all of a sudden only are a faint glow. i tried new bulbs with no.

[help] ceiling fan light is too dim. hi all. i recently purchased a home that has a ceiling fan in one of the rooms and its light is incredibly dim. a friend of mine had a similar problem but turns out he had a remote that went with his whereas i wasn't given one. i cannot see a model for this fan other than a "hampton bay" logo in the levers., i have a combo ceiling light fan from home depot. after one year, the brightness of the bulbs are all of a sudden "dull", too dim. the lights still turn on, but instead of having 3 settings of brightness, it just remains "dull". so, went down to hd and they requested a new "yellow" box that holds all the wires? we replaced the old yellow box with the brand new one..

We have a hampton bay "brookedale" model ceiling fan. it is about a year old and was working fine until a few days ago. we came home and it was on (we left the house and it was turned off), with the fan running and the light on, but not it's usual brightness, very dim. i've checked the wiring to the fan from the outlet box and it appears ok and the connection from the fan to the light fixture ..., this is an interesting one to be sure. i doubt the cfl could have done anything to the fan on its own. another community member here mentioned that he has had problems when using non-dimming cfl's in conjunction with dimming capable remotes, where the cfl wouldn't actually dim but would simply have on/off states..

It says 8w bit when i open the case it says 60w and that if i go over, there is a risk of fire. is this "60w equivalent" or really 60w? if it is really 60w, then i should be able to increase the wattage of the bulbs., if you have a dimmer switch on your fan light you want to make sure that you don't go with a fluorescent bulb. because they will not dim. they'll just sit there and flicker. i'm joshua clement with...