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Ceiling-fan-light-blew-out, ceiling fan light blew out. i've been living in my apartment for about three months now, and for some reason, every now and then something in my bedroom goes 'pop!' and all the electricity in my room only will go out. usually this would happen when i went to turn the ceiling fan light on or off, but it has also happened randomly. .... When my ceiling fan “blew out” late last year i started the quest to find something that was better. to me better meant it had to move more air but do it quieter and at a lower speed and look 1000% better than the old generic “brass and wood” model we had put up with for the past 10 years (not-so-secretly i’m very glad our old fan blew out)., this morning the light bulb in my ceiling fan blew out with a rather loud "pop" sound. i replaced the bulb and nothing. i replaced the lampholder, bypassing the pull chain switch and nothing. the fan is working, so i have power. there is a small plastic box in the wiring to the lampholder with a trademark name of vim and some electrical spec information printed on it..

The ceiling fan light blew out. when i change to a new buld, the light still does not work. however, the fan is working. - answered by a verified electrician. we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website., i have a hunter ceiling fan with lights. the light blew out, i replaced the bulbs, but the lights do not work, but the - answered by a verified electrician.

Make sure your using bulbs made for fans , the biggest killer is the vibration caused by the fan running , even if you are not able to see any wooble there is still movement caused by the motor shakes ,, also make sure the center contact in the bulb receptacles is not pushed all the way down in the base, , it should sit like a 1/4 inch off the bottom ,, an if that doesn't help it's possible ..., my wife changed a burned out bulb (40 watt decorative) in the ceiling fan, and according to her, when she screwed in the new bulb, it blew out the other three. i pulled the lighting kit and checked it with a meter, and i can't find a problem. but then maybe i didn't check it properly. how...