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Can-you-tan-through-a-screen-door, for fair-skinned people, short exposure to the summer sun twice a week for the face, arms, hands or back — less time than it takes to turn the skin pink — is enough to get the vitamin d benefits.. It takes all sorts, really. thousands of britons have fallen for a web campaign that promises to tan their face through the screen, reports the sun. computertan (no prizes for guessing it was set ..., can you tan through glass? yes, uva can still pass through window glass, yet the type of glass can determine how much of rays pass through. read for a safer way to tan..

Ever wondered why most conventional glass prevents you from getting a tan? it's because uv rays, the portion of sunlight that triggers our skin to produce melanin can't penetrate it., health news in pictures air pollution linked to fertility issues in women. exposure to air from traffic-clogged streets could leave women with fewer years to have children, a study has found.. Yes, as sunlight is still coming through., you well get some sun getting through, unless it is uv protected, which i wouldnt think it is. so you wouldnt necessarily get a tan, anyway what are you doing under a pool cover, letting people know a little too much about your pool habits. wink. in the pool is fun. hot tub is better..

Hello. i know that you can't get vitamin d from sun exposure through a window, but i'm not sure about a screened in area. since it's through tiny holes, i would think so, but i wanted to know if anybody knows for sure? google only gave me pool screen sellers claiming that you can, and they obviously have an ulterior motive, haha. i couldn't find any other answers either way., answer 1 of 7: sorry if this is a daft question but we have never rented a villa before, the villas all have what appears to be a screen covering the pool areas. does this affect sun bathing or does it make little or no difference? thanks