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Can-you-spray-paint-ceramic-lamp-base, how to spray paint a ceramic lamp base step 1: test the wiring before beginning this project, i tested the existing wiring to make sure that it was functioning properly. when using an old or antique lamp that you found, you should test if all the parts are working.. Apply spray paint to ceramic lamp base in a smooth, side-to-side sweep. wear a face mask and protective gloves while spraying. allow the paint to dry. add a second coat of paint, if necessary, and allow it to dry., this, my friends, is my post on how you are not supposed to paint a ceramic lamp. i thought this to be a simple spray painting job. oh no. apparently, i'm quite the impatient spray painter..

If your base is metal, make sure your getting a paint for metal - same goes if it's plastic, ceramic, etc. make sure the paint is compatible. remove the shade and cover any areas you don't want painted, i.e. the cord, the switch, etc. i left the hardware on my lamp when i painted because i wanted to be able to pick it up and paint in the creases., hey there homies, fancy seeing you here again. in this video, i will be showing you how to repaint an old fugly lamp that you are potentially growing to give or throw away. i don't get it the ....

Spray the area lightly, following the directions on the can to stay at least 10 inches away from the lamp, otherwise it will start to drip down the lamp. spray in a sweeping motion, and apply multiple thin coats so that the paint does not run. wait for the first full coat to dry, about 10-15 minutes, and then follow with a second coat., one of the most recommended paint to use on lamp shades is spray paint. using this paint straight from the can makes your work easier and quicker. using spray paint particularly on old lamp shade gives a modern and opaque finish..

1 linen lamp shade-$25 (target) grand total: $44. that’s right, i saved us $155. too bad no one is allowed to touch the lamp. don’t walk near it, don’t touch it, don’t talk about it., 5. paint the lamp with the spray-on primer/paint combination, using even, slow strokes, keeping the spray can a foot or so away from the lamp, or per the paint manufacturer's recommendations.